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We have started preparation for first exhibition in Amsterdam, 

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This art inspires. It was a great pleasure to work with this emerging artist at the early stage of her art career 

Gallery manager

Pay attention, each painting is telling it's very own story. 

Stunning, I simply love it.  

Private collector

Maya's art brought light and colours into design of our Bar

Bar owner

Colours are Memories of Moments...

We all will have our own interpretation, which for me, is Maya´s talent to let pure emotions and feelings flow into a beautiful palette of colours onto the canvas. Looking at Maya´s painting on my wall, I feel privileged to be the guest traveller on one of these stories.




When I met Maya, visiting her exhibition at the Barcelona gallery in 2020, I was captivated by her energy and honesty in how she observes the world and life around her with rapt attention. Maya´s paintings represent this wide variety of honest life experiences, caught in the beautiful colours of her art works.




Visiting Maya´s website, I could sense her energy and openness to absorb the world around her and experiencing the life events on her path. Resulting in using her exceptional talent to let the brush in her hand flow these experiences into creating beautiful and catching paintings, inviting to join each individual journey. 

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