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Welcome to MayaDelSol.Art


I am thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy your experience. Feel yourself comfortable, but please comply with the rules.

MayaDelSol.Art is an on-line art gallery offering on-line shop services for collectors and art lovers.

By visiting our website or using our services, you engage into a legal agreement with us, agree to these Terms of Use and acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Policy. You may not use our services if you do not consent to all our terms.

In order to use our services, there are certain obligations and conditions you need to meet. Among others, you need to be of a certain legal age of majority and use our services in a permitted location. You must comply with all applicable laws. You will be responsible for your actions and for the actions of anyone who accesses your user account.

In general, we just want you to be nice, and avoid doing anything that might harm us or anyone else. Among others, you may not copy our materials, use any content in an illegal or harmful manner, use our services or content on any platform or website not approved by us, make any misrepresentations or abuse our Services, or otherwise violate anyone’s rights or any applicable laws.


Failure to abide by any of these rules may bring us to cancel your account and stop providing you with any services.

You agree that we or our partners may send you promotional messages and content. You can easily opt-out of receiving promotional messages by contacting us.

If needed, we or our affiliates may request and collect payments and related information from the relevant payment providers and banks. Invoices for our paid services will be available in your user account. 

We are happy to receive any complaints or concerns regarding our services and will assist you to the best of our abilities. Returns are generally not accepted but we are happy to consider best possible resolution for each individual case. 

If you have any questions about the Terms of Use, please email us at

*In some countries you may have additional rights and/or the preceding may not apply to you.

Colours travel through time 

Colours are Memories of Moments



Maya del Sol

Contemporary Artist

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